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    I have decided on a portfolio item image size of 609 x 406 px. I have found that there is quite a noticeable degradation in image quality when WP makes its thumbnail downsizing, so I thought that if i upload the image in 609 x 406 px I will not have the degradation. (The plan is to also upload a bigger size that will be opened in lightbox.)

    The problem for me now is, that even if I upload the exact size that is needed for the portfolio (609×406) the image is still being transformed into an image of the same size, but of worse quality.

    If you go to the difference should be ease to see. The image you see in the portfolio is 609×406 and has been degraded by WP. When you click on it, the lightbox opens and you will see the original, that is also 609×406. The original is noticeably sharper, and has a slightly better dynamic range.

    So my question is: How can I force the portfolio item to use the original 609×406 file and NOT the 609×406 thumbnail?



    After a bit of research, I found a tip: Set the thumbnail quality to 100 in /wp-admin/includes/image.php . This actually helped a bit, so now the difference between the portfolio image and the original image (of the the size) is not so big.

    I would still love to be able to use the non-thumb image though. As a photographer it seems a bit silly not to use the best quality you can.



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    Thanks Ismael. As I wrote, I already set thumb qulity to 100. It did get better, but I want the best :-)

    So my question is still: How can I force the portfolio item to use my original 609×406 file and NOT the 609×406 thumbnail?


    More research: I made a test where I uploaded my own (sharp) 609×406 thumbnail. It turns out, that even if the 609×406 thumb is sharp, when it is shown in the portfolio (in the 609×406 “window”) it somehow gets degraded (fuzzy).

    So now my above question is *not* the one to answer. :-(

    So far the only way to see a sharp non-degraded image, seems to be in the lightbox. Bummer.


    Hi Larsdaniel,

    I just posted in your other thread on this but I’ll post the same here. The size for the images is actually 610 pixels wide for the portfolio view so at 609 wide you’ll get 1 pixel of stretching.



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