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    Hi, I run latest version of Propulsion, Woocommerce and WPML. English product pages work fine, but when I translate a product page in other language, the slider is stuck at adjustable and it only shows the first image of the english product. I can neither make him full width nor add any images. After I hit update page these changes are lost. If I deactivate WPML I can save the translated page with full width slider and images successfully, but I can’t access it from the web. If I activate WPML again, it just deletes all images, replacing them with the fist image of the english product and makes the slider adjustable. I’ve tried disabling other plugins. To reproduce the issue please try Propulsion+WooCommerce+WPML and try to create a product and its translation with a slider. I develop locally, so I can’t show you the site.

    Also, it’s very strange, but on the translated product page the quantity buttons_added div does not have arrows that increase or decrease product quantity to add to cart.



    Can you push your site somewhere password protected online, because

    1) What version of WordPress are you using ?

    2) What version of the Theme are you using ?

    3) What version of WPML are you using?

    4) Are you using any of the other key WPML plugins and what versions are they?

    As you can see it is quite difficult to blindly try to solve such an issue without seeing it first.




    Hi, I’ve just made a clean install with

    WP 3.5.1

    Propulsion 1.8


    Woocommerce 1.6.6.

    No other plugins installed. Just added one product in english and its translation. After I hit the update button, the translated product just reverts to Adjustable slider (I’ve set it to Full width slider) and shows the first image of the English product in its slideshow, deleting all selected images. It’s like the settings are not saved and they just always revert to that state. So the problem persists with the clean install.

    There are some topics on the WPML forums concerning the slider problems with WPML, but they are mostly slider specific.



    I will run a test right now to see if i can replicate this and add to this post once I am finished. I have the exact versions you are using. (I hope you forgot to mention you have the String Translations plugin from WPML activated as well, since without it strings don’t get translated. Also there is an image plugin from WPML which makes sure images are consistent between translations).




    Thanks, I’ve uploaded the site to the server and I’ve send you an email with access info. Sure, I have String translation plugin installed.



    Have a solution. Sorry took a while:

    **You must have the following plugins installed**

    WPML Multilingual CMS

    WPML String Translation

    WPML Translation Management

    WPML Media

    This version of WooCommerce: (reference:

    Please look here how to set up the full width product slider


    1) Add Native language product page (don’t add slideshow images) save.

    2) Add Foreign language translation page (add slideshow images – new upload) save.

    3) Return to Native language product page Add images (new upload) to Native language page. save

    *) You can’t add to media. everything must be uploaded on product page so a gallery is created there.

    *) you can’t for the moment copy native language images to foreign languages, that is causing problem, and will be looked at.




    Thanks, it worked, just need one more step – one should edit translated products form the localized WP interface, so the localized Propulsion theme is active.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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