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    As you may know, I could not find a satisfying solution for the portfoilo slideshows, so now I am trying out portfolio items with no slideshow.

    Ironicly this leaves me with *exactly* the same problem:

    A tall (portrait) image will be stretched to match the width of the wide (landscape) images. See it here: http://www.thevelvetroom.dk/portfolio-item/franny/ . What I need is (I actually don´t know the correct way on defining it) that the images should not exceed a certain height, so if it is a tall photo, the width will be less than the width on the wide photos. (I think it is easy to see my problem in the above link).

    I would highly appreciate help :-)

    PS: Wouldn´t it be nice if theme demos started having images of varying aspect ratios? It is easy to make things look good when everything is the same aspect ratio, but for a photographer, the reality is a bit different.


    Hi larsdaniel,

    I think unfortunately that is just how the theme is designed. In the functions.php there are the settings for the images created whenever you upload a photo. For the portfolio items there is a setting for crop which is set to false so that images are not cropped to fit the dimensions specified. What this does do is make the images stretch if they are too small on either side so that you always get the clean straight line appearance.

    So for the single portfolio view, you have a width that the slideshow can take up that is set to 610px. If your image’s longest side is greater than 610 pixels and it is the width, the image will shrink down to fit with no real stretching.

    The hang up is that if the image’s longest side is the height and the width is not at least 610px the image will then need to stretch until its width is 610 pixels wide.

    Just to note though is that the themes do show different aspect rations, but in most of the themes the images are adjusted via the theme code. Flashlight is a good example of more what I think you would like to see (specifically the masonry gallery) since it keeps the images in the various ratios and doesn’t attempt to adjust them to fit a pre-determined space : http://kriesi.at/themes/flashlight/portfolio-item/masonry-portfolio-example-flexible/




    Thanks for the explanation Devin.

    Sad, because I liked so many things about Choises. It actually took me several intense days of research to choose it. In that process I looked at Flashlight too, but I have another criteria also: It should be responsive. I am not absolutely sure of how important that is, but in these days it seems that everything is going mobile, so I think it is the way to go.

    Anyway, I am back to what seems to be an endless search: A well designed responsive theme, that is not too “landscape-centric” in it´s orientation. *Sigh*.



    There is an option inside the image editor to crop the image manually to give you the exact size as possible. Will that help?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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