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    I am just about done developing a new site with the abundance theme and found that Internet Explorer 7 is not working properly. The site acts as though there are no links active on the pages. I cannot click on any links. The site layout renders properly but the pages will not react to any mouse input. I originally thought it was a UTF-8 BOM issue but I ran my site through a validator and resolved those problems. I also have the validator showing no problems accept for the Facebook plugin that I added after these issues were found. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.



    Please post a link to your website – I’ll check it with IETester.




    Hi Dux,

    Testing with IE7 I don’t have any issues clicking on links or navigating the pages.




    I have tried with both IEChecker and also a machine with IE 7 on it. They both behave in the same manner with not being able to click on anything. Strange.


    Please try if following code fixes the issue:

    z-index: 0 !important;


    display: none;

    if it works we’ll use: to include this code for IE7 users only.


    Thank you for the follow up. I tried both individually in my custom.css and it didn’t fix the problem. It does appear to be something with CSS though since when I disable CSS completely from within IE7, I can click on links. One other note is that I put the custom.css and style.css back to default from the original template download as a test and it didn’t make a difference. Same problems with the default CSS.


    Hi Dux,

    In March of 2013, IE7 finally went below 1% usage in North Uganda, Patagonia and among the indigenous people of the Amazon river basin ( )

    If you put all the people who use IE7 into a concert hall and called in the fire marshal, he would say there are no problems with many empty seats still left.

    At this stage IE7 is no longer supported by anyone and even major retail websites now charge an additional tax on purchases from customers using IE7 ( ) …

    By that I mean to say is, please don’t support IE7 and let that buggy diseased piece of software die quietly since you are better off customizing for the new North Korean browser – the long awaited Kim Jong 3000 to be released as soon as the country’s wiring is upgraded to handle telegraph modems.




    Nick, I totally agree. The problem is that this theme says it is supported IE7+. If it was IE8+, I would let it go. I did not want to give up on this open issue since it should work and I would like to expand compatibility to to IE7+ for this site we are developing. At this point though, we are proceeding with going live and will deal with it if this becomes an issue later on.



    I will ask Kriesi about the situation with IE7 since when Abundance was initially released , IE7 was supported but I think one of the recent updates that upgraded the framework may have changed that. I think you were the first to point this out. Let me find out. Thanks for your patience.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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