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    hmm… I have searched thru the posts that have been posted. Unfortunately, I still not find any answer yet.

    Perhaps someone could help me on this. Appreciated much.

    My case is like this: –

    I have posted two albums (Portfolio) with the layout of Flexible Grid Gallery in my WordPress(3.3.1, the latest version).

    The first post ( works fine, it loads all 49 photos i posted perfectly.

    However, for the second post (, like what others mentioned, it only loads 16 photos in the Flexible Grid Gallery while ALL photos loaded perfectly when the side bar & content are hidden.

    Your assistance is highly appreciated.



    1. Just posted the 3rd post (, and it seems working fine. I wonder what make the 2nd post having this problem…

    2. After i added the Latest Album widget, the photos loaded for 2nd post become 24… i tried to remove the latest album widget, it no longer loaded back ONLY 16 photos.


    Without doing anything, now the lower part of 2nd post shows photos which are from another portfolio entries :S (

    Anyone can help me in this? What happen to this post?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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