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    Hi Guys

    I have a strange problem. I’m not sure that it is the same as the other reported problems with the Featured Image slider but I have downloaded and installed the latest update (1.1.1) just to be sure.

    Here’s the problem:

    1) Featured Slider was working fine on homepage, until I removed some of the images, back to one.

    2) Now I am trying to add back in images, with links to posts.

    3) Somehow, the slider is not recognising the links that I am attaching to the image and is instead using one of the old links, deleted long ago!

    My site is and the first image (School of the Holy Spirit) should go to this page:

    but is instead going to which is the old link… and has nothing to do with the image!

    Is there any way of ‘flushing’ out this old link?





    this sounds like a database problem – maybe ask your hoster if they can restore the database (or restore a backup).


    SILLY ME!!! You’ll not believe what I was doing…

    I forgot that for this theme, you need to use Custom Fields to specify the links for Featured Images! (Some themes that I use do it differently so I got confused).

    Sorry to bother you!!


    Glad that you found the problem :)


    I would like to have some featured images like in the Demo

    I can not find the featured image slider for my blog home (or is it another slider?)

    Where can I find it and do the setup?



    the blog page displays the images of your last post on the very top. So if your last post doesn’t use featured images the blog page won’t show a fullwidth slider. However a workaround can be found in this thread:

    Basically the idea is to set one post to sticky and to add featured images to it. Then make same code modifications to index.php (see thread above) so that only the slider appears for this post.


    Thanks for your reply and help Dude.

    Now i got the point with featured images, and I understand that it only works for the latest post.

    I would like to link 4 featured images to the latest 4 blog entries (or if possible to any of my choice), how can I do that?

    I am not sure if I have to follow all the instructions that you given on the other thread.



    according to the docs you can change the link of every slide individually:

    Link behaviour:

    Here you can overwrite the default setting of your slideshow options page. What should happen if a user clicks a featured image when located on an overview page? Should it open in a lightbox or should it open the single entry?

    Advanced feature: Changing individual image links

    as an advanced feature you can overwrite the link for each individual featured image with the help of custom fields:

    just create a new custom field with the name “featured_link_” followed by the number of the image. The value should contain the link.

    An example to create a custom link for the 4th image would be:

    If you add image or video content for these overwrites it will be opened with the lightbox. That way you can also link to videos that are not included in the wordpress embed service ;)


    I installed the Custom Field Template but I can not see two fields like described here with “name” & “value”.

    Can you tell me how I can add these fields? I didn´t figure it out yet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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