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    I have added a page template where comments are (supposed to be) enabled. (By uncommenting the appropriate paragraph in the template php).

    So now I have a page with a comments link saying “No Comments Yet”: http://blog.larsdaniel.com/?page_id=495

    Problem is: When you click on No Comments Yet, the comments field should open, but nothing happens. What may be wrong here?




    Sorry dude! Can you tell me how do you made your logo text so big and nothing happened in the menu? I tried to change the size of the:


    and the menu went all over to the right! http://www.e-win.gr

    Can you help me fix it?



    Have you copied the call to the comments.php file from single.php over?

    If not, the comments code (i.e. the form and display) won’t load which is what it looks like at the moment.



    Hi James, that was was it! Now I have the comments in place, BUT: The sidebar on that page has gone down below the comments now. I have tried several ways of inserting the comments part in the php, but I can´t figure the right way, (keeping the sidebar where it should be).

    Could you take a look?


    @haritos: My logo is a jpg. Can´t you just make your jpg the size it should be? Anyway, I am just a newb so I think you should ask your question to the experts here.



    revert the comment section changes and replace following code in page.php:

    echo "</div>";

    $k_option['showSidebar'] = 'page';


    # comments
    echo " <div class='entry commententries'>";
    echo "</div>";
    echo " <div class='entry lastentry'>";
    echo " </div>";
    echo "</div>";

    $k_option['showSidebar'] = 'blog';

    The comments should work now.


    Thanks Dude. Comments work now, but they now refer to the bottom-most featured post from the sidebar, instead of refering to the gallery page we are on. I have tried moving things about in the php for the page, but without luck. Help is much appreciated.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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