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    I got a HUGE problem. I made some changes on theme for site.

    Why is not same as

    It is just redirection, and (I guess) on . net extension java is not working!?

    I made that top banner message is closed at first, and it not working on .net,

    also logotypes on bottom are not grayscaled.

    Please, help me with this!


    Also, I got a one problem more. Whenever, or whatever google font I use, There is error with latin letters đšžćč, they are in some other font (like ariel), and google fonts support that letters on preview mode. I tried to use “Dosis”.

    Sorry for putting question here, but I must to fix these problems.


    Hi neecodeeye,

    I’m going to tag the rest of support team to get their opinions as to both issues. I do know that




    Thx Mya!

    Sorry for interrupting, but I must to fix this very fast. :)





    You are using an old version of the theme. Please update to 1.4.

    Your .net and .com are not identical – there are multiple differences in the code.

    Your .net name servers differ from .com name servers (one out of two).

    You are not using canonical links, and my recommendation is to either use them on .net or remove the domain entirely , otherwise you are serving duplicate content which in the eyes of Google is a sin, and may incur an SEO penalty. I don’t know if you are set up as a WordPress network, two WordPress installations, or you clone your sites, I suggest you speak to your webmaster/host.




    Ok. I made update to 1.4.

    Now my edits in code are gone, so:

    1. TopBanner message is open (it was set to be closed at first, and click to be opened)

    2. Partners logotypes now have outline square (and it was removed)

    3. Noting happend with letters ŽĐŠČĆ, they are still not rendered well.

    Can You help me with this?


    I fixed 2. Please help me with 1. and 3.



    Do you have a copy of your old site , 1.3 with the customization? The quickest thing to do would be to locate them and copy them over into 1.4. There is a free windows program that instantly compares two folders and all files inside each folder, so you can instantly see what was changed between the versions.

    To prevent this loss, its best to create a ‘child theme’ and only make edits there while never touching the original. This way each time something updates, you will not have to redo everything. Here is a good tutorial: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/

    I don’t see anything on the page that looks like ŽĐŠČĆ / đšžćč, , or rather everything looks like that since the website is in Croatian. I do not know how anything looked before, but to me everything looks fine, and now both .net and .com look identical.




    Please look at words in columns.

    unapređuje, Naš, način, mogućnosti…

    By the way, it is Serbian (latin) , no Croatian.

    On net logotypes are in color, not grayscaled.

    I will find code modification for top banner on this forum.


    Pretty Photo, or image resizer is not working on firefox and IE.

    (last image iz bigger then 930px and it is not scaled to theme maximum size)

    When I made columns with photos, photos are cropped, not resized to column width.


    Hi neecodeeye,

    Both sites look identical to me as well.

    In IE and Firefox, if you don’t set your image size to be 930px wide, the theme will not do this for you. In your example page, you need to make sure your images insert into the visual editor are not larger than the allowed width in the theme (930px). In Chrome, the browser will render the code differently than in IE and FF which is why you are getting that result.

    So go into that page and then edit the photos thumbnail view (which is that big visual view not anything smaller) to be 930px wide. Then, when you click on it, the image will expand to the full size using Pretty Photo.



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