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    I need to post from using my Iphone 4S, if I use the WordPress APP there is no way to add featured media to the shoutbox theme, but on the mobile browser it should be possible, except it doesn’t work.

    When I select Upload from the Featured Media box, it opens a little new window (where you can select between different options), the thing is, this pop up window malfunctions, when you try to scroll down, it’s impossible, the same on the Ipad, you actually scroll the back window, so you can’t select a featured media with this option.

    Thanks to Ismael for trying the solution of this plugins : (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    But the same happens when using them, i’ve tryed, I really need to post from my cellphone on an upcoming trip and I need to have featured images :(

    Thanks again!!


    Hi julianruiz24,

    I’ll have to ask Kriesi to take a look at this as I’m pretty sure the theme just taps into the wordpress notification function. One of us will respond as soon as we have some additional information.




    Thank you very much! I hope you can ind a way! thanks


    Hello! no news from Kriesi on this matter? :) thanks


    Hi julianruiz24,

    I apologize for the delay but nothing yet. I’ve sent him an email regarding the issue as well as have him tagged here on the forums for it. If I don’t see an update on the topic within a few days I’ll check in with him again.




    I will see if there is a way to fix this issue, the problem with iOS and javascript is that the debugging console really sucks, so It might take a while til i find the issue :/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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