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    Hello, I’m getting this warning message when opening the template I created inside the BrightBox Template Builder

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/danielsami/ on line 933

    I tried copying via ftp the original file to the server, to no avail.

    The site is located at: I can provide server access if needed.

    Any help or clue to solve this will be greatly appreciated.



    Hello, is here anybody out there :) ?



    this sounds like a database error which occured while saving. You can try to restore the database or reset the theme options (Reset all button on the bottom of the theme option panel). You’ll loose all your theme settings (not WP settings or content) though if you click this button.


    Hello Dude,

    Problem solved, thank you!

    We carefully took note of our settings, reset the Theme Options panel to default, and reset it back to our settings. The message on the Template Builder disappeared and everything is back to normal. We’re very pleased to work with Brightbox and plan to buy more of Kriese themes in the future.

    Thanks again.



    Good to see Dude could help :)


    Hey there,

    I have a whole bunch of page templates here (20+ – please don’t ask why, it was to solve a problem with sidebars and such) — if I reset the options, I lose all those templates. Is there any way to recover those easily after reseting?



    Thanks Dude,

    Is there any way to fix this issue other than reseting the options? I work in a development environment and migrate over to the live site when changes are made. I cannot work this way with the site forever. Is there a code fix for the class-htmlhelper.php file?




    You can try to restore the database with a backup file (sql file). You can use tools like phpmyadmin to import it. Unfortunately the templates are saved as serialized array and if the template data is damaged it’s nearly impossible to repair it by editing the option fields directly..


    This problem seemed to be remedied by using WP MIGRATE DB plugin, but for some reason, one day the error suddenly returned after not showing for a while.

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in the class-htmlhelper.php file.

    Is there any way to fix this code so that this error does not occur?? This problem is not helping my development process at all.



    Sorry my bad. On what line class-htmlhelper.php do the error occurs?



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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