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    I’m trying not to panic BUT! my posts are not loading… :-(

    What did I do now? :-( I see the list of posts here: http://dev.stthomastheapostle.org/category/news/

    but then, if you click on any of them, the content is not displaying at all. :-(

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


    P.S. The content of my portfolio items is also missing. :-(

    Preview thumbnails are displaying correctly, but once I click on any of the portfolio items, the new page doesn’t load content (just like the posts. :-( … [hitting my head against the wall, wondering what did I do wrong! … :-( …]



    I’d suggest that you update to the newest version of CleanCut. WP 3.1 changed some things regarding permalink structure and the newest theme version incorporates these changes. You can also try to flush your permalinks – go to Settings > Permalinks and click on “Save” to flush them :)


    Duh! And here I was thinking that I had messed something up big time!

    – I have replaced the prettyPhoto files

    – I flushed the permalinks (that expression made me smile as I feel my whole brain is flushing right now! LOL)

    So far no success. I gotta run out the door right now but will come back later, clean the cache and follow further instructions based on your replies on this thread: https://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/wp-31-breaks-lightbox

    Funny, I had seen that thread a couple of days ago and thought: I really hope this never happens to me… LOL … and totally ignored the fact that new versions of WP require new actions!

    I’m just thankful for you (and the rest of the support team) for keeping up with all the upgrades and having patience for all our [repeated] questions! … ;-) Will be back later to report on this.



    could you solve the permalink and/or lightbox problem? If not you can send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it :)


    Thank you SO much Dude. Just added you as Admin. :-)

    – Cleared my browser’s cache.

    – Loaded site from a different computer too.

    – Replaced prettyphoto files one by one (including: folders css, images, js)

    Nothing so far. :(

    Content on posts: http://dev.stthomastheapostle.org/category/news/ and media links: http://dev.stthomastheapostle.org/communications/ is still missing (I can see the title and the comments form is ON, but the actual content of the post, pictures or videos, are gone. :-(

    Thanks for taking a look at it Dude!


    Ok – I’ll ask Kriesi if he can find the problem – it’s very wired and strange. This site i.e. http://dev.stthomastheapostle.org/parish-mission-2011/ shows the content but around 20 times (you need to scroll down). I never have seen such an error before so I’m curious what’s the cause…


    OMG! You are absolutely right!!!!!!! :O I had not noticed that!!!!!

    Leave it to me to come up with creative bugs for Kriesi to look into! :-(

    Thank you very, very much for all your help!



    I am not sure if this was an error caused by download/unpacking the theme or because someone edited one of your template files. However the single.php file was seriously messed up, with half of the code missing and the other half beeing duplicated resulting in an nested endless loop that would render parts of the content for all eternity :D

    I replaced the code with the real one and all seems to work fine now :)




    Weird! I don’t remember changing single.php, but then again, half of the time I don’t know what I’m doing… Maybe I changed the files in one of my 3AM web marathons! :S

    I’m glad Kriesi was able to find the culprit! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful!!!!!!!! :D

    (and also thanks to Dude who usually puts up with all my non-sense here! ;-)

    You guys are the best! :-)


    Glad that we could help you :)

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