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    1. How can I put products automatically into the cart? (im searching for a general code that works on every product) I found out the following but need to know what I need to add on the part where stands ‘’your code here’’.

    To put products into the basket after they liked, Ishould add add triggers for the “Unlock” event.

    – So I Open the file: <root>wp-contentpluginssociallockerassetsjsjquery.op.sociallocker.min.js

    – Find the block that has a name of the theme I use:

    $.onepress.presets = {

    // change only after support request

    _iPhoneBug: false,

    buttons: {

    layout: ‘horizontal’,

    counter: true


    effects: {

    flip: true



    Then I add the “events” option after the “effects” option and put into the code to add a product in to the basket:

    events: {

    unlock: function( sender ) {

    if ( sender != ‘user’ ) return;

    // your code here



    2. When I try to logout on my website it said ‘’are you sure you want to logout’’ then I say yes. But after that I see a wordpress website and when I return to my website again im still logged in, how can I change that (I don’t want them to send to a wordpress form and I want them to logout when they ask for it)?

    3. When i click on log in, then i have the problem that is says ‘’Username or email *’’ whil I have a dutch translation on it, how can I change those words in to dutch?

    4. When someone Is logged in on my site you can still see the possibility to log in to the site but when you click on that you are in your account (while you got another option to click on ‘’my account’). I would like to have It like, when someone logges in you can see that you are logged in. And when someone isn’t logged in that you can see the option to log in, how can I fix that?

    5. When someone lost his password they can see by the login field ‘’lost my password?’’ but when the click on it the come into a wordpress site, while I wanted them to stay on my website how can I fix that?

    Hope you can help us out because we spend a lot of time on it! Thanks for this great template…

    Best regards,




    1) I’m sorry but we can’t assists you with such a customization. If you’re not sure how to implement this script please hire a freelancer.

    2) That’s not the default WordPress behavior and not triggered by our theme. Maybe your custom script or a third party plugin causes this issue. To troubleshoot the issue try to deactivate all third party plugins (except woocommerce) and check if this solves the issue. If not try to revert your custom script modifications – maybe the script sets a cookie which logs you in as soon as you view your website.

    3) If it’s the default woocommerce “my account” page you can translate these text strings with the woocommerce po/mo files. You can download the latest version here:

    Download the woocommerce-nl_NL.po file, open it with a tool like Poedit, translate it if necessary and save the results. Then upload the woocommerce-nl_NL.po AND into the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce language folder.

    4) Make sure that you’ve deselected the “Log in” option (Settings > General > Pages > “Append a logout link to menus containing “My Account””). Otherwise WooCommerce will always add a “Log in” link to the menu.

    5) WooCommerce does not offer a template for the “lost password” page yet. You can use WooDojo: to brand your login page though.


    Thanks for your answer.. the most points are already solved!

    A question that came up in the progress of solving it:

    How can I remove the cart and checkout option in the submenu? ( So without making a own menu)


    Also I still got a problem with logging out.

    I’ve deactivated all plugins but the problem wasn’t solved.

    You can check the site here :

    How can i make this to work again?



    1) Open up wp-contentthemespropulsionfunctions.php and delete following code:

    $sub = $cart = avia_woocommerce_cart_dropdown();

    2) I didn’t come across such an issue yet. Maybe talk to your host provider and ask them if the server outputs any error messages when you try to log out.


    Thanks for your reply.

    1) I didn’t mean the cart on the right side, but the one on the left side. I would like to remove the cart and check out option on the left side. At this link you can see what i mean: . So next to the register and log in option in the standard submenu.

    2) I will do that.


    Another problem:

    3) When I go to the check out page to pay for a product it says “-1” and i can’t continue from there. You can test this (after logged in) at this link: . Just press the green button and try to check out. How can this happen and how can i solve this?


    3) After a research it seems to be that since we put the site from to this problem occurs. Where can we change this settings?


    Hi betuwedeals,

    You can remove those two options from the menu by adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .sub_menu .shopping_cart_link, .sub_menu .checkout_link {
    display: none;

    The checkout issue may be a plugin conflict or something like that. You can disable all active plugins except woo commerce and try the checkout>purchase procedure then and see if it works.

    If you have any other questions besides this one, please make a new topic for them so we can keep things easier to search on the forums.



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