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    Is it possible? I tried the Print Friendly plugin on a portfolio item, but it renders only the text in a print page, no the images. Any idea of plugins that could work?



    could you link me to your site/the page? I’ll check if I can find a CSS solution.




    I also tried the PrintFriendly plugin – it works beautifully for some pages, but for any page with multiple columns, it ONLY shows the last column. I’ve removed it from my site now, but here’s the temporary URL of a page that has this problem –

    I really do need to provide my client with a decent “print friendly” function. I tried a couple other plugins but they sucked. And to just print straight from the site is REALLY terrible.

    Any chance you can help?

    Thanks in advance –




    I am not sure that is supported since printers do a lot of evil wherever they are found.

    I will find out, but I think you will need to wait for future updates since this is currently a politically sensitive topic due to the side-effects that excessive paper or ink production has on controlling the weather with ozone.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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