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    So, I updated woo commerce to 1.4… all went crazy but the main thing was the price stopped showing only on the single product page. Well, I updated to the latest version of abundance and presto it began working again.

    However, sometime yesterday it suddenly stopped once more and I’m unsure why.

    Site is




    Kriesi released another update (v.1.4.1). Please download the new files and install the theme files again. Please update even if you’re using v1.4.1 because Kriesi pushed out two updates with the same version number.


    Can someone please help me with this fix? I have done a lot of custom work to the Abundance template: and Woo Commerce. I don’t want to lose months of work by just updating the entire template. I feel I was forced to update to Woo Commerce 1.6.4 because when I went to change a variable on one of the products on my site, it did not work or function. I then noticed the plug-in needed an update. After updating the plug-in, the price on the the single product page disappeared. I just need to know what to do to make the price appear again with whatever Kriesi update works. In the future, is it possible to block any updates from this plug-in? Even though they might want to fix bugs on other templates, mine was working just fine and I do not to go through this again. Thanks for you help!


    Hi dcgraphics1,

    I don’t know what version you were using before, but you can downgrade to a previous version of the woo commerce plugin by downloading the zip for it here:

    Then deleting the plugin and installing the older version.




    Thank you for the suggestion. But before proceeding, will I lose all my custom settings in Woo Commerce if I downgrade?



    No, I don’t think so but I’d make a database backup first.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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