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    I have set up WooCommerce on my wordpress site and it was working smoothly. But about a week ago, the price stopped showing up on the single product pages. The price shows up below thumbnails of products when they are listed, and in the related products box, but when you click on a single product, it doesn’t show up on that page. It is isn’t even being printed in the HTML.

    Any ideas about how to solve this?

    I have updated to the newest version of woocomerce 1.4.4.



    Please update your Abundance theme (to version 1.2.1). It fixes the issues with WooCommerce 1.4.4. Maybe you need to resave all products again and “flush” your permalinks (Settings > Permalinks – click save and refresh the option page).



    I have this same problem. I purchased the theme Propulsion 1.0.0, however the price of each product is not showing up on the product pages. Customers cannot tell how much my items are.

    I have not modified the theme in anyway. When I switch to a diff theme the prices show up.

    How to I get the price to show up on product pages?

    Thanks! :)


    Thanks! I followed the directions in this thread:

    and everything is working now!

    I just had to replace the old functions.php file with the one in the theme update, and it works!


    Hi Madecommunity,

    I do not see instructions on how to fix the price not showing up via the link you posted. Aslo, I am using the theme Propulsion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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