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    Main shop page -> search for a product tag in the search box widget -> get results.

    Now, the price filter widget doesn’t work on those results. It simply doesn’t filter…

    Can you reproduce this issue?

    // already asked on woocommerce support forum and they think the bug is theme-related since they can’t reproduce it…

    // another bug, on the price filter widget, is that it doesnt take minium and maximum values from the products (or categories) displayed on the page… but from the whole shop, making it quite useless…


    Hey! I cant really reproduce the issue…

    If I search on my demo page for canon I get two results, if I then filter the price to remove the 122$ item it works fine.

    Since I have done absolutely no modifications to the filter widget whatsoever its hard for me to imagine why the theme should alter those results but I will investigate the issue…


    now filter 0-500 (for example) and you will see that the EOS 22b is still there…


    Interesting. Cant really tell why this would happen, since the theme doesnt modify any of those widgets. I will test a little on my local server, maybe I can find what is causing the issue…


    Kriesi, any news? Got to go live with the website… :-(


    As soon as Kriesi has an update he’ll post it here. He is usually pretty good at updating directly to the thread that posts about an issue.


    Ok, Mike Jolley (woocommerce dev) said that Relevanssi is causing this and MAYBE he’ll try to find a fix, even if they don’t officially support third party plugins… Let’s hope! :-)


    Hm I cant imagine that to be the reason since I dont run the plugin either on my local dev server nor on the live demo server. I also sent a request to James Coster (other woocommerce dev) asking for help on this issue, since its also happening for me if I use one of their themes.

    I’ll keep you posted ;)


    Hi Kriesi, any news?



    The changelog doesn’t mention any price filter fixes yet:




    No news on this problem?

    I have this issue as well. But i also have the issue with all layered navigation widgets, none of them work.

    I really need a solution fast, my site has to go live asap….


    Hi andredewaal,

    No updates on this for now. I believe as Kriesi pointed out its an issue with the plugin and not necessarily with the theme itself.




    Well, i don’t know. I have Woocommerce running on 3 sites, with the Abundance theme. All have the same issue, filtering and layered nav not working at all. It’s completely useless and i can’t launch my sites now.

    I would really appreciate someone from the support theme to have a look around in my wp-admin. This issue is driving me insane and costing me money. I am reachable at: dredewaal @




    Did you try to deactivate Relevanssi?




    Relevanssi? I have no idea what that is, also don’t have it on my plugin list.


    Still waiting for a solution, my sites are waiting to be launched. This is costing me money. Somebody help me out here???


    Hi andredewaal,

    As Kriesi reported earlier, the bug is actually present for him when testing WooCommerce with one of their own themes. This may not be an issue we, as support for Abundance, can possibly fix right now.




    Okay thanks. I will go stalk Woothemes about this.

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