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    It’s a long time I didn’t come here, wich is a sign ! :)

    After last update when a client add a product to cart the price quickly appears in header cart and get back to zero even if the products are in the cart.

    Coiuld you have a look…

    Thanks a lot.



    Please update Abundance to version 1.9. The update should fix the issue.




    The fact is that if I upgrade to 1.9 the cart page is not working, ?addtocart… leads to a bug. If I keep 1.8 it is working.

    Don’t know why… ?


    Ok, I updated to 1.0 and Woocommerce 2.10.

    Could you please try to go there an try to enter cart page ?



    I tried the solution gien in replete support but it doesn’t work. Amount appears and when the mouse is over it is gone…


    Hi ganjou,

    I’m not having any issue with the price in the cart when viewing the site live right now. Even after mousing over it and navigating the site.




    Did you try with IE ans Firefox ?



    Hmmm… When did you first notice this behavior, or rather lack of behavior? Which was the last version that you remember checking?





    I have the exact same issue with version 1.9. I updated it today.

    The cart shows empty, but when you place your cursor over the cart, the drop-down shows the item in their yet. When you select the upper cart, it shows that it’s empty, but when you go back to the home page, now your cart shows that there is an item in the cart. It is random as it sometimes shows the value of items in cart and sometimes it does not. How to fix this?

    Please respond soon.


    Hi there, anyone can help here? This seems to be a bug in 1.9 ..



    @ajaysarkaria: Can you give us a link to the website?



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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