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    Ok, i’m conscious it’s weekend for us EU folks already so no hurry, especially since it’s my third post here today…

    i’m trying to translate the (previous entry) and (next entry) links in page view – i’ve done this procedure a few times already in the past, but since i was dumb enough to simultaneously update WP and Eunoia AND some plugins (duuuh!) the whole thing is back in English instead of french.

    I DID toss a fresh eunoia download and a fresh wordpress download into BEdit’s multi-file search, i also tried a multi file search over the terminal with zero results – i’m clearly mystified here and although i might be braindead from this weeks work, i feel like i’m totally missing the spot here.

    If anyone can help with this probably super-benign matter, i’d be very grateful – i also gotta get an Alzheimer’s check ;)



    Edit functions-eunoia.php, find this code:

    <?php previous_post_link('<span class="previous_post_link">&larr; %link </span><span class="post_link_text">'.__('(previous entry)','avia_framework'))."</span>"; ?>
    <div class='next_post_link_align'>
    <?php next_post_link('<span class="next_post_link"><span class="post_link_text">'.__('(next entry)','avia_framework').'</span> %link &rarr;</span>'); ?>




    Thank you so much Ismael, you saved me (once more) ;)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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