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    In the related entries the preview of video’s items are not showing?

    This is trange because in the portfolio overview the previews are showing.

    Any ideas how to fix this, now it shows a white empty area, this looks like an error.



    Did you add a thumbnail manually for the video?




    Same problem here. When you say add a thumbnail manually for the video what are you refering at?

    The theme only gives the option to put a video into the slyde but then the thumbnail doesn’t appear. It only appears if you add an image.

    Can you explain yourself beter?



    I believe Ismael meant that after you insert the video, you must click on the video icon and at that point you manually add the ‘cover image’ to the video..

    This is what the theme instructions say about videos:

    Using Video:

    When working with the image slider you can also choose to display video content instead of images. this works very similar.

    FIrst hit the add external video by URL button. Enter the url to the video service that hosts the video. A service like vimeo or youtube for example.

    A list of all supported Video Services can be found here.

    Once that is done press the “insert Video” button and the video will be embedded in the slideshow. If you want to display a poster image for the video simply click the blank film reel that you can see on default when adding a video.

    Please provide am exact url where the problem is taking place. Since when did it stop working, Since 3.5 update or some other even took place?




    how I haven’t seen that!!! So sorry!!! Thanks!


    No problem, I hope it does the trick. Good luck!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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