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    Trying to set up “Columns” on the home page that have images and page titles in them that link to a page.

    Content set to “Single Page” Page set to the page I want, “display page” set to “Preview image and post title”

    Adding image to “featured media” in page brings it up on the home page. However it also brings it up at the top of the page. Since it is a different aspect ratio I do not want the image there. (I don’t want it there regardless)

    How do I turn it off on the page but have it in the Columns display on the home page.

    I tried “Logo Partner List” as a workaround but that only shows the image not the title of the page and the image.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    You can create a new dynamic template with the template builder that only has the page content element on it and then assign it to that page. That should make it so the page displays without any kind of slideshow.




    Thanks Devin, let me take a look at that. Sounds simple enough. Better than the code changes we have made in the past with Newscast to do the same thing.

    I have to tell you though, I am having a hard time getting my hands around the image management issue. I think we need a “thumbnails for dummy’s guide, but that would be another thread.


    The most important thing to remember when working with images is to use *big* images. That way they can always be re-sized down to fit the various theme uses.




    Yes, I understand the big image need. Our shop is very image based (thus our name ImageAbility) the issue I struggle with is the cropping and aspect ratio problems. But back to the question on this thread.

    I set up a dynamic template with nothing in it. Assigning it to the page eliminates all the content I have in that page now, not just the preview image. I would have to set up a template and enter information for all our pages as different templates. Am I missing something? I must be it must be so simple it is looking back at me.



    You can add a post/page element to the template. Set the “Which Content?” option to “Display the content of this post/page”. By going this way the element will always show the content of the current entry and you don’t need to create a template for each post/page.


    Clearly I have a lot of learning to do on this theme. It was right in front of my face…

    Thank you for your outstanding help. Also for not making fun of me. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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