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    hi there. i followed the new update instructions for pretty photo and if u click on it which has the social integration such as twitter and facebook so when u click on facebook like or twitter like it doesn’t shows up on the facebook profile wall.

    i’m opening a new thread so that it can be easy for u to resolve as i mention this out in my last thread where u helped me out for upgrading the pretty photo which is very thankful and kind of u guy’s.

    if u can resolve this issue of fb and twitter likes it would be great.

    here’s the test link of my site.

    u will see when u click on the image it opens the video too but when u like it, during that it shows u have liked the video over here but it doesn’t show’s up at the facebook wall or twitter wall. i guess some bug. if u can fix this it would be great to use this new pretty photo update as facebook and twitter social media integration is the major plus point with the new update.

    thanks a lot. hoping to hear soon from u great guy. :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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