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    I have a 3 image slideshow on a page:

    When you click on the image to open pretty photo, it shows 6 images instead of 3. Essentially it’s doubling the images I have in the slideshow.

    I’ve tried disabling all plugins but no help. I am sure it’s something simple, but I cannot figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Bumping…It would be great to get this resolved! :)


    Sorry but I only see 3 photos on your page.


    Hi and thanks, elames. Did you click on the slideshow image? The slideshow itself shows 3 images, but when I click on the image, no matter what browser I am on, it shows 6 (doubling the images).


    Oh…didn’t do that. Hmmm puzzling me as well. I just started using this theme myself so I am not real familiar with it yet.

    I looked at the code with Firebug what I see is among the code is: featured_container1 , featured_container3, featured_container5

    To me something seems off because I would think it would be 1, 2 3, Which slide show type did you use for the frontpage? ( Note: my CAPS are not SCREAMING….I am just using them so it will stand out :-) This is just a wild guess…

    Try going to EDIT THE FRONT PAGE. Choose TEMPLATE BUILDER. See if you have 2 slidshows on the the set up. That might cause double images.

    If that fails, I would remove everything from the front page, Delete the images from the Media Library. And give it a fresh try. Sorry to say I have done that alot.

    Good luck


    Bump! Please, admins…help get this resolved. :)




    Bump…again. Not sure why no one is helping me…


    Hi BadMuffin,

    Sorry for the delay! Bumping pushes a post back in our Queue as normally a person self responding indicates they have found a solution. Although it brings the post up in the individual thread view, we don’t see that same view.

    I can’t give a definite answer on why that is happening but my guess is the images were entered in twice in some way to the featured images. If you’d like to have me take a look quickly, you can create a temporary admin account and I’ll get able to get a first hand look at how everything is set up.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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