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    I work on my Abundance web site since several months and today I saw your new Replete

    theme… So, I tempted to change for Replete… Some features seem more interesting for what I’m looking for.

    1- Since Replete are newer than Abundance, is there are some significant benefits or improvement over

    Replete other than different design ? (Best SEO optimization ? More reactive ? Easiest to customize ?)

    2- I suspect Replete works similarly as Abundance backend: template builder, menus, widgets, Quick CSS, WooCommerce… Am I right?

    (It took me so long to understand and modify Abundance, I do not want start from scratch …)

    3- I like the big image slideshow on the top of the homepage, I wonder about its ease of customization

    (number of slide? text and buttons (center, left, right)? transitions ?)

    4- In the home page, I find the “Featured Products” images too big (and most recent products too),

    it is possible to decrease their size (having 4 or 5 or 6 images per row instead of three) Same thing

    for shop pages, Is it possible to put 5 or 6 images per row?

    5- In the LiveDemo site, there is an product category image on top of the shop page. I wonder is it possible to place

    one different image in all product categories pages ? (like Pulls, Shirts, Jeans…)

    6- Is there a way to sell items unique (one of a kind) products ? That the product can be sold a second time when it was sold once.

    7- The “mouse over” zoom effect on products image work right on Firefox but jam on Safari… Is this normal?

    Sorry for the long list of questions, but it will probably be useful for others potential buyers too ;-)

    Thanks !


    1) Replete comes with some new features (new slider with flying captions, bbpress support, responsive design which scales on smaller screens (mobile devices, etc.), it supports portfolio entries, new mega menu which sticks at the top, template builder with more options and more shortcodes like the pricing table, etc.)

    2) Yes, Replete offers even more options

    3) You can add a slideshow to each post/page/portfolio item and you can set an unlimited number of slides with captions, buttons, etc.

    Note that too many slides will cause performance issues (loading times, etc.).

    4) You can select a 3,4 or 5 column layout. 6 columns are not supported.

    5) Yes, afaik Kriesi just used the standard “product category image” feature which comes with WooCommerce.

    6) Yes, but that’s not a theme related issue (WooCommerce settings).

    7) No, it should work with all browsers. Can you provide a link to a page where the mouse over effect doesn’t work?


    Hey Dude,

    Love the replete slider and flying captions. Is this unique to replete? or can I use this with my other Kriesi themes?


    Hey essentiallink,

    Choices also has the flying captions




    Thanks Dude for your quick and complete reply.

    I just bought Replete theme today.

    So, on the documentation, kriesi say:

    “2- Before you start

    You might want to check out the demo video page: We will update the site from time to time

    and add new videos on how to use the theme.”

    But the link do not work (Error 404 – page not found).

    Where I can find demo video for Replete ?



    Hey Alain,

    We are in the process of working on some new docs and videos for Replete but most of the same framework functionality can be found in these videos:

    There are only a few differences but with the new wordpress release changing up the media selection and soon a major release and update for woo commerce we’ll be releasing some updated videos for those new changes.



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