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    Hey there!

    I have checked the shop section in Replete theme The theme is excellent work! I have a few presale questions about of Woocommerce in this theme.

    1. As I’ve already bought the Propulsion theme, I love the choice between adaptive sliders for product page: I can use either little sized slider or wonderful fullwidth slider too . Is it possible to use both of this kinds with Replete theme too? I don’t find such sliders in the demosite in product pages there.

    2. Also my customer likes when the short descriptions/review section is fullwidth, below of the images and description with price/cart sections. Is it also possible with Replete?

    3. Also is it possible to create the product page with right sidebar too, when the short descriptions/review section is under the images/description/cart-price section?

    4. And can I use the shortcode generator for Short Description field? (it is in Propulsion theme, but it doesn’t work for this field, unfortunately).

    5. Is the Replete works with bbPress plugin too?

    Thanks for answer in advance!


    Hi fotomaster,

    I’ll just go through each and answer as best I can:

    1) No, the products on Replete actually don’t use the avia slideshow meta box at all. With how many extensions modify the images and to just get better all around woocommerce integration, Kriesi is just using the default image settings for the products.

    2) Yes, Nick has posted the needed change here:

    *NOTE: This hasn’t been tested/checked with the woocommerce 2.0 changes so it may need some tweaking. I have not had a chance to take a look this week yet.

    3) Unfortunately not. There is some manipulation of the layout that has been done but moving the sidebar to a different area isn’t something we have tackled or had the time to do extra for anyone. If in the future one of us gets some extra time we may do a layout with the sidebar moved but it’ll be a while with all the woocommerce changes going on.

    4) Yes, I just checked a few of them on my live install.

    5) Yep :)




    Hi Devin! Amazing support, as usial!

    I think, I’ll look forward the new Kriesi woocommerce theme with all well Propulsion features, wonderful Replete’s fullwidth slider or Revolution slider on the board, 1200-1300 pixels width and with improoved product pages features.

    Thank you for helping!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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