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    Can anyone share his experience with Predictive search for Replete+woocommerce?

    The search, that gives (hint) results immediately just below search form with product images and some basic info about product.

    Very much appreciated if it is tested solution for Replete.


    Hi dmaca,

    Your best bet would be to try a plugin that can add that kind of functionality.




    Thanks, Devin!

    Well, yes. It is the only way for now.

    But if any recommended… or at least tested… or used by any one?

    For now I found 2 plugins:



    And would appreciate any info before running on live site.

    Thank you!



    I tested Predictive search and it worked for me in the past but (officially) we can’t promise/guarantee that a third party extension works with our theme.

    Best regards,




    we’re currently in the process to setup our site and we’ve used the Free Version of the WooCommerce Predictive Search and now we’re using the Pro Version since it offers much needed functionality like the Template Function. We’ve replaced the top search box with the predictive search in a way that it doesn’t (negatively) affect any other parts (eg theme upgrades) and it works quite well – altough we had to fight a bit to make the CSS as smooth as it was originally. But it is definitely possible and it is definitely worth.

    WooCommerce Predictive Search Premium

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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