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    I set the post page to the page i called blog and what i see there is just the 3 posts that come with the template

    i changed the page template to all the posibilites but nothing changes

    i excluded at the moment the page from the nav bar because the site is already online, but you can see it here





    There’s no Blog template included but you can duplicate and edit the portfolio template (template_portfolio.php) to do this instead.

    Open up the duplicate file and rename it template_blog.php. Next, you need to make a couple of changes in the file.

    1.) Change this:

    Template Name: Portfolio Template

    to this:

    Template Name: Blog Template

    2.) Change this:

    $query_string = "cat=".$kriesi_options['com_port']."&paged=$paged";

    to this:

    $query_string = "cat=-".$kriesi_options['com_port']."&paged=$paged";

    This excludes the Portfolio category from the Blog Page.

    3.) Edit the page you want to show blog posts on and select the “Blog Template” from the list of available templates and update the page.

    4.) Let me know how you get on :)


    i created the blog template and changed the code as suggested.

    Then i changed the page template into the blog template but there was no change

    more than that – whatever page template i choose to be the post page in the reading settings, loses its content and instead of that would appear these 3 posts that comes with the theme.

    i cannot find a way to show my posts




    another thing – when i change to the default wp theme, the blog page does show my posts



    The default template runs its own code to load up blog posts.

    Can you set me up an WP admin account and email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Cubit | Eltanma | Post Wouldn't Appear On Blog Page

    and I’ll take a look. :)



    i sent you a week ago the access details

    did you manage to take a look?




    I’ve just checked my emails again, including spam folders – I haven’t received any message…

    You can also try this contact form: http://www.jamesmorrisondesign.com/contact/ :)




    Hi –

    I’m having a similar problem with blog posts. I set up a Blog Template based on the Portfolio Template as outlined above. The blog posts show up just fine, but I can’t seem to get a sidebar or header to appear.





    In your Blog Template file, add this:


    immediately under:




    I have those (and more). Sidebar refuses to show up.

    $more = 0;
    $oldquery = $query_string;
    $query_string = "cat=-".$kriesi_options['com_port']."&paged=$paged";


    Hey Michelle,

    I sent you an email :)



    Is there a chance to use the news section sidebar for the blog template? what do i have to put?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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