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    Hi there,

    Love the theme but having a bit of trouble. I’m pretty illiterate with this kind of stuff, so I apologize if I’m not able to express myself economically. If you take a look at my homepage (, you’ll notice that the thumbnails aren’t showing up for their respective blog entries on the sidebar. There used to be some kind of photo preview to go with the teaser of the blog entry on the sidebar, and now a blank box shows up next to the text even though photos have been attached to each individual blog post. How can I remedy this?

    Thanks so much for the help.




    Hi Alex,

    Have you set the image for the blog post in the themes gallery section? That is where it should be being pulled from.

    There was a big update in version 2.0 of Flashlight that actually changes the gallery to the new version where you can actually re-organize the gallery and not have to freshly upload each image into it as well as lots of bug fixes since version 1.3 which you are on now.

    So if re-setting the gallery image for the posts doesn’t fix the issue, I would recommend updating the theme files by re-downloading them from your downloads on Themeforest and then uploading and installing the newest files in the same way you first installed.

    That way at least we know we aren’t dealing with an old bug that his already been fixed.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks so much for the prompt response!

    I was way overdue on an update, so I downloaded the most recent version of Flashlight as you suggested and it is now installed. It seems like the photos are showing up in the blog preview on the left sidebar now, but only on the blog page (called “news” on my site). For some reason, I can’t get the posts preview to show up where it used to on my homepage (underneath the main menu on the left). Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

    – Alex



    You said before there was something to the left of the main menu? There is only but 100 pixels or less and I never seen anything showing up there in any version. I am looking at your homepage, but am not understanding what is missing. Do you want to move the box from the lower right side somewhere? or show the blog in there as well?

    Site looks good.




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks. Sorry, I didn’t mean to the left of the main menu, I meant in the space below the menu on the left side of the page. There used to be a little box with a preview of my 3 latest blog posts (like there is on the “news” page itself).





    Have you added a sidebar there or checked if the sidebar has the widget that displays latest blog posts attached still?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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