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    I cant get the postratings to work.. – (i have not installed a new postratings plugin)

    Please see: http://spillspill.net

    Also, what can i have done wrong with the menu.. On the main page, the button is not “active”.

    Thanks :)



    Which plugins do you have active?

    Have you made any changes to the theme files?

    Best regards,



    Hi james,

    Thanks for trying to help me.

    The postratings actually never worked for me, even from the first day i installed this theme, and then i only had the default plugins there.

    Now i have Aksimet, all in one seo pack, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, W3 Total Cache, WP-PostRatings and nrelate Related Content


    Ok, I’ve just double checked and the code for Port Ratings is being called in the page source, the files do exist and have the right content.

    Can you disable all your plugins temporarily and see if that makes a difference?

    I’ll ask Kriesi to have a look at this as well.


    Please check if you are using the latest version of the theme, I did several updates and some of them affected the post ratings plugin.

    If updating doesnt fix it could you drop me access data to your installation so I can take a look myself?

    Please send it to support [at] kriesi [dot] at

    Please also include a linkt to this thread for easier reference!

    Best regards



    Ok, i downloaded you latest version, but it didn’t do it.

    I have sendt you my login details.

    Thank you.


    Hi Kriesti

    Didn’t you receive my log in details, do you need me to send it again?


    Sorry It dit last a little since I am currently moving. I was able to check your installation now. The latest version includes the postratings plugin itself with modified stars. if you add the plugn to your plugin folder via ftp and actiavte it, it should work fine.


    Thats all right, but i would like to have it working now :)

    Ok. Here is what i did.

    Deactivated and deleted the old plugin.

    Uploaded the one from my last themeforest download

    activated the plugin, and cleared my cache.

    It’s still not working i’m afraid.

    This is what you ment, right?

    Also, there is no “admin section” for this plugin, is that correct?



    Could some of you please help me out with this problem?

    Thank you.



    I think Kriesi’s investigating this – sometimes this can take a little time to debug the problem and work out a fix, but this is still marked for his attention.

    Best regards,



    Ok, thanks :)

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