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    Hello Christian,

    I am really taken with the “Twicet” theme. I purchased the “Clean Cut” (HTML) theme just before you did the WordPress version. I think I may want that.

    So here is my initial question;

    I want to run this site as a Website with a static Home/Front page (Not the blog as the Home/Front Page). It appears as though that is the way the demo is set up. However, though I know how in WP Admin point to the Home “Page” as the home page and then make “Blog” as where the posts set up but . . . I have purchased based on what demo’s looked like before and made the change for the Front page to be the “Home (static)” page and ended up with 2 home page links and had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get rid of the additional home page (Point to the blog) and would rather not have to go through that.

    Is it easy with your themes (Both CleanCut and Twicet) to have a static home page and the blog accessible through a link like you seem to have it set up in the demo?

    I will purchase as soon as I get an affirmative reply from you on this issue.


    Mike C


    Hey Mike!

    Yes, both themes are configured in that way. Dont even change the wp admin setting for the front page, just leave it as “show blog posts”, it will use the themes index.php file then which means it wil look just like in my demo. If you are using cleancut you even get a content auto installer that sets up your site so it looks like my live preview if you wish to ;)


    EXCELLENT! Thank you so much.

    Mike C

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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