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    Hi there,

    I read about adding this functionality in another theme forum on this site. Is it possible now to add a column with post/page content into column layout?



    Hi B,

    I’m not sure what you mean. The theme has always had the ability to add post/page content into the columns element using the template builder.

    You just go to the Template Builder in the Themes wordpress menu section and in a template add a Columns element. Then choose the number of columns and pick single page or post from category.




    Hi Devin,

    That setting populates the post with the latest from whatever category you choose. Even if I choose that template for a specific post, it still displays a different post content (the latest post from that category).

    What I need to do is display the specific post content for each post with a sidebar that will appear with all posts from a particular category. If this were a page, you could choose the column layout and have a sidebar/widget area on the left, and the content of whatever page you choose on the right (by using the single page setting and choosing a page in the builder). For posts this would be really annoying, because you would have to have a template for each and every individual post. So what I would like to have is the functionality of the page/post content within the column area, so I can just make a template for a particular category that has a left sidebar and post content on the right, and choose that template whenever I am creating a new post.

    Is that more clear?

    Thanks for your help on this, by the way. I have been wrestling to learn the ins and outs of this theme for a few days now, and it is really a very nice theme. The is the one problem I have run into, and unfortunately for my site, it is a pretty big issue.

    Best Regards,



    Other than the Blog element where you can choose a specific category and output that categorie(s) as a blog layout and the columns>post from category No, there are no other built in options.

    You would either need to look to a plugin or customization of the theme functions/files to get something else.




    That is a bummer. Any simple way to switch the side that the default sidebar is on (from right to left)? If I can get that over to the left, I can probably make it work.



    It shouldn’t be too hard to add that functionality in there.

    1) Open up /includes/admin/register-admin-dynamic-options.php and **change line 66** to look like

    "subtype" => array('Single Page'=>'page', 'Single Post'=>'post', 'Post from Category'=>'cat','Widget'=>'widget','Direct Text input'=>'textarea')

    2) In same file add the following code on line 91 (which is empty but like 92 looks the same as first line below)

    $column_element[] = array(
    "slug" => "",
    "name" => "Post:",
    "desc" => "",
    "id" => "dynamic_column_content_".$i."_post",
    "type" => "select",
    "std" => "",
    "required" => array('dynamic_column_content_'.$i,'post'),
    "subtype" => 'post'

    $column_element[] = array(
    "slug" => "",
    "name" => "How do you want to display the post?",
    "desc" => "",
    "id" => "dynamic_column_content_".$i."_post_display",
    "type" => "select",
    "std" => "img_post",
    "required" => array('dynamic_column_content_'.$i,'page'),
    "subtype" => array('Preview Image and Post content' => 'img_post', 'Only preview Image' => 'img', 'Only post Content' => 'post')

    3) Open up /includes/helper-templates.php and ***paste the code below on line 460*** (above is an almost identical function except for page

    function columns_helper_post($data)
    $data['query_post'] = array( 'p' => $data['value'], 'posts_per_page'=>1, 'post_type'=> 'post' );
    $output = $this->column_helper_loop_over_posts($data);

    return $output;

    That’s it. I tested it and it works (from a cursory examination, this code is untested and comes as is so up to you to try it)



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