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    I post my main news in the ‘News’ category but every time I do so the post appears in the slider. This means I have to have an image for every new post which is not always possible.

    1. What do you suggest for me so that I can post regular new that does not necessarily have to appear in the slider?

    2. How do I keep one particular thumbnail image in the slider to appear always as the first thumbnail. Foe example this site which is similar always has the ‘hello’ as the first image. How do i do that?

    Should I create more than one news category and have one for slider images only?

    Your help would be appreciated.


    Hi stirlingweb,

    You can create a category only for the main slider and then designate that category in the Twicet Options>Mainpage Options to be the only category displayed in the Twicet Starting Page Image Slider.

    For the other one, I’m not sure what they did to keep the initial post always the same. I would recommend just emailing the owner and asking if they will share their source for the index.php.




    Thanks mate.


    Glad I could help with the first issue :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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