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    Hi there,

    After several failed attempts I just can’t figure out how you get a Full Width Preview image on a post? I am using a 1024 x 576 image from my Media Library so it’s larger than the required 960 x 390, I have selected Full Size Image from the list and also clicked Use Image as Featured Image but when I publish the post I only ever get this result;

    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong/have missed? I’ve had a look through the forum and it seems I am the only one with this problem so I presume it’s user error! ;)



    You wont be able to get a true full width post unless you turn off the sidebar. This is what is limiting your post to the width you have shown in your link. You can create a full width template using the options in the template builder and apply it to the post. Make sure you select “fullwidth” when you add the featured image to the post. If the image looks stretched or weird you may have to resize it so it is exactly the width you need (940 x 390 px, or whatever you set as the full width size in functions.php)


    Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply, I’m nearly there! (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -side/

    The problem I’m having now is that the content of the full post isn’t showing, just a sort of preview of it then the text is cut short? I get the full post if I add a Post/Page Content element to the page but that appears below what I already have, therefore creating repeat content. All I’m after is a full width preview image with a two column layout underneath containing the post content on the left and some widgets on the right, like this one; (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -image/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    If you want it to work like the Kriesi example, you shouldn’t need a new template. You have to set the featured image of the post to “fullwidth” in the Slideshow options panel of the dashboard where you edit the post. That will put the image of the post fullwidth, and the content and sidebar underneath it.

    If you still get the truncated text afterwards you may have to fix the index-loop.php so it displays the whole post. That’s on the boards several times.


    Thanks a lot! It was the part where you set the featured image to fullwidth in the Slideshow options that I didn’t even realise was there, couldn’t see the wood for the trees and all that, all sorted now though! I knew it would be something obvious that I was overlooking!

    Thanks again! :)


    Great! I’m glad you figured it out :O)


    Thanks rumblefish for helping us out.

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