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    Several weeks ago I erased a post at called “21/7 – 11 Bilder på barn i Gaza”.

    Still, the post is visible as a choice in the link list on the right side menu on the category page for my blog posts (with the adress I am using Widget logic in order to have that link list only there.

    When I click on it I get a ERROR 404-message, which is correct since it shouldn’t exist. But why is it still in the list of links?

    I have emptied the trash bin.


    Have you cleared your cache



    I agree with Dogmut – it sounds like a cache issue.


    Yes, the cache is cleared, I seem to be forgetting something that is related to the category-, Widget Logic- or widget settings. When I write new posts they don’t show up in the link list either. Even though the widget link list “Johannas blogginlägg” is in the “Display everywhere” meny with the Widget logic setting for my category number. The new post is in the same category (“Johannas blogginlägg”) but doesn’t show.

    Can I mail you my password? Or can you find any clues from “outside”?


    My bad! It seems that the link list was made manually, so I had coded that link myself. Silly me. Thanks for the time though!


    Glad you got it to work :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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