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    I would like to have a post image over the whole post width instead of this:

    – same behaviour as the standard (lightbox etc.), but just over the whole width, i.e. 580 px wide and around 250 px high.

    Where can I change this?


    I’ve tried this solution here:

    and created new posts, to go sure, that I don’t need to regenerate thumbnails by plugin new.

    functions.php, I add this in line 14:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['P'] = array('width'=>566, 'height'=>250);     // single post featured image

    In single.php I changed in line 25-29 the letter “M” to letter “P” according to my changes in the functions.php:

    $preview_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array('size'=> array('P'),<br />
    'display_link' => array('lightbox'), // '_prev_image_link' or array('lightbox')<br />
    'linkurl' => array ('fullscreen','_preview_big'),<br />
    'wh' => $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['P']<br />
    ));<br />

    but I’ve got a strange result:

    the square image remains, but when hovering this image, a magnifying glass is in the middle of the post, what would be the center of the new wider image; I can analyze with firebug an image width of 566 px for lightbox:


    I can’t change the CSS for




    margin:4px 20px 10px 0;




    because this

    a) changes also the preview post images at the frontpage

    b) has no effect to the “cut” of the images at the single post –> it still remains cut to a 180×180 image:

    What can I do, so that at a single post the featured image is really 566 px wide?

    Note: the square version of this image should remain at the frontpage posts overview!

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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