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    In an individual post, the 610px × 260px image has an option in admin under the “Image Link” dropdown called “Open External Resource”. When you select it, nothing happens (I was expecting a dialog box that I can copy and paste a URL into).

    Thanks to another post on this forum, I was able to disable the “magnifying lens” that appears when you hover over the image, and remove the call for the lightbox. However the image is now hyperlinked to the page its on (I dont know why, or how to stop it from doing that), but I really need it to point to an external link that I specify.

    Is this a known bug with the theme? I really need that image to point to an external link.



    I could reproduce the bug and I reported it to Kriesi. He’ll look into it soon.


    Hey! Not sure if this is a bug or simply not described good enough in the documentation on how to use it:

    Once you have selected the “open external resource” in the dropdown save the setting. Now if you open any post you will notice that you have an extra input field when editing that post:

    External Link
    Define an external link here. You can link the posts Feature Image to this URL

    Here you can define the link. Let me know if that works for you (it did for me without problems) :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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