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    Congratulations on a magnificent theme guys… One small issue I am having is with my post images not resizing correctly on Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox. Both Chrome and Safari do not have any issues. Is there something that I should be doing in the backend to fix this?


    My website is I also do not understand why on my homepage the latest post image is not larger than the others? Also, why the images on the home page come up with the magnifying glass when you hover the mouse over them, rather than just linking you to the post? Your attention to all this would be most appreciated…


    Hi Simon,

    How are you inserting the images? Are you using the “Featured Media” section at the bottom of your Edit Post page? If so, are these new images you’re adding or are you working with pre-existing images? The reason I ask is WordPress should automatically resize those images provided they’re new.

    As far as the magnifying glass/lightbox, by default the theme will open in a lightbox. However, you can change this by following the steps below.

    1) Once the image is added in the “Featured Media” section click on “Show” to the right of the image’s thumbnail

    2) At the bottom of “Default Options” click on the drop down menu under “Apply link to the image?”

    3) Select “Link to this Post” then click “Update” in the top right of the page to save your changes




    Thank you so much Mya! I figured it would be something simple I was not doing. I really appreciate your help…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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