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    i just bought this theme and i have some questions my post, big images are cropped and they dont have the margins in one side… and when i use the facebook comment plugin it is also cropped in one side… what can i do? I guess this is going to happen with every single thing that touches that ”invisible” area…

    Look, this is the link of the example

    2. is this theme compatible with any e-commerce plugin

    3. can i change the ”read more” button position (switch positions with the categories button)

    please answer me because im really stuck and disappointed, specially with my frist issue…




    1) WP center crops all images by default and you can’t change this behaviour (without hacking the core files). There’re some hacks out there like: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -crop-position-in-wordpress/ – however I haven’t tested them and it will affect all images.

    2) We can’t guarantee that certain plugins are compatible or not but a list of plugins I tested myself can be found here: – I saw some users who use the PayPal shopping cart plugin with our themes. WooCommerce won’t work.

    3) Yes – in index.php & archive.php search for following two lines:

    <span class="categories"><?php the_category(', '); ?></span>
    <a href="<?php echo get_permalink() ?>" class="more-link"><?php _e('Read more','newscast'); ?></a>

    and swap their position:

    <a href="<?php echo get_permalink() ?>" class="more-link"><?php _e('Read more','newscast'); ?></a>
    <span class="categories"><?php the_category(', '); ?></span>


    hello, but in my first question the real problem is not the image… is the invisible area where nothing cant be seen… like my facebook comment box in this example… is it possible to make the page wider so it would show what is missing?


    I’d rather include a thumbnail version of the image and apply a lightbox link to it. WordPress offers you different image sizes if you insert the image via media uploader. You can apply the lightbox effect with rel=”prettyPhoto” – the code would look like:

    <a href="" rel="lightbox">
    <img width="180" height="180 " alt="" src="">


    Excerpts Editing…

    Hello, I did what you told me to swap positions for ”read more” and ”categories” in indes.php and archive.php but nothing happens… i would like to ask some questions to customize my excerpt area.

    please enter inside just to give you a point of reference, so you know what im talking about.

    in the excerpts I already removed the date icon (only left numbers) the comments and author things.

    now i just have the date numbers, categories, read more and a sharethis button

    1. how can i put the ”read more” in the right-low corner of the excerpt

    2. how can i put the ”categories” button just on the left side of the Date numbers

    2.1 In the date information Dec, 05, 2011… how can i put the whole word of the month? like December, 05, 2011

    2.2 About the ”categories” button… how can i remove the underlined line when i put the mouse cursor un top of the button? and how can i change the color of the buttons please?

    3. I have a ”sharethis” button and i would like to place it in the lower left corner (where normally is the ”read more” button… how can i do this?

    4. Is there any way to remove the margins of the thumbnails photos and make them bigger or more panoramic?

    5. how can i add a divider line between the excerpts and how can I make the space between them narrower or closer?

    just in case, i would to ask you if you know anyway or plugin i could use to lock some post on the top of the page, even if i put new ones… just leave the selected post on the top until the time i decide to remove them and they will be reorganized in the date order they should be…

    this is like the fridays giveaway posts… (this posts have a different color in this page… like a transparency color… could you recommend something to be able to do this please.

    Thank you for everything I’m really enjoying with this incredible theme!

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