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    Hello there,

    #1 Added a new post

    #2 Post Format Link

    #3 Added this link into my content area (

    #4 if i view the site the whole sidebar is pushed to the end of all the posts.

    I do not have the issue will all my other LINK POST FORMAT posts. But this one is the only one without any content or images or videos JUST THE LINK

    Can anybody check if he runs into the same problem ?



    Hi Shorty05,

    Can you send us the page so we can look at it live?




    This happens to me too. Not on the front page, but on other pages (like this one, my blog:


    Hello VikiJG,

    What post exactly did you add recently that triggers this behavior? We would like to know so that we could check it out.




    It appeared that way as soon as I installed Sentence. I hadn’t added any new posts at all when I noticed it. I use a front “welcome” page and visitors can get to my blog by clicking “blog” in the right sidebar.

    I did notice that this behavior happens on some individual posts, but not others.


    At first I thought maybe it was posts that have the “link” post format, but it doesn’t happen on this one:

    Doesn’t happen:


    Hi VikiJG,

    Can you try disabling all of your currently running plugins and testing those pages again. Nothing is jumping out at me but I’m just wondering if there is an odd conflict with some of the internal content that is getting generated within certain posts thats causing some kind of weird overflow issue.

    Thank you :)




    I will give it a try. Thanks.


    I still have the same problem and i DO NOT have any plugins installed at all.

    @mya sorry for the late reply – i have removed that post. I can not add a post which breaks the layout just to wait that somebody of the support team will check that post 3 or 4 days later ;)

    Do you guys don’t have a developer installation where you can test things ?


    Hi Shorty05,

    I do have a local test server and a live one but so far I can’t get the same thing to happen. I’ll ask Kriesi to take a look at the live example VikiJG posted and see if we can figure out whats causing this issue for you two.




    Great ;) The funny thing is i have 20 other posts which are using the LINK FOTMAT and they are working just fine.


    That is strange. Can you try removing that post and re-making it with the same content. You can choose the publish date right near where you hit Publish to keep it in the same chronological order.



    Hey! Would you mind trying only to add the url (without a href= etc). That should work . But I will fix this up so it also works with an actual link tag



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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