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    This is the first time I’ve used the featured image functionality, so apologies in advanced that I might be being a bit noob-ish about this.

    Anyway, in the featured image section under my post body

    – I clicked the “Upload” button

    – when the media chooser box comes up, I clicked the Media tab

    – I found, then chose an image I’d already uploaded

    – I clicked “Insert into post”

    – the dialog closed, and the image appeared shrunk down, where the thumbnail preview is

    However, when I click Update to save the post, the image is lost when the page reloads, and nothing shows on the actual blog.

    Am I missing something?





    some users reported this problem too. The glitch was introduced with WP3.2 and the new jquery version (the featured image id isn’t handled right and doesn’t save). Kriesi looks into it but it seems to be a bug in the WP uploader itself. The interesting thing is that the issue only occurs occasionally – for some users and some browsers only. Please try to use another browser and check if that solves the problem. The problem was alsomentioned here:


    Hey Dude,

    Unfortunately it didn’t work in Chrome or Safari either. All the text data is saved, but not the featured image.

    In the meantime, if you can tell me how the data is stored in the database, I’ll do a manual update whilst (hopefully) you guys look at solving the bug.




    OK, so I found the row in the wp_postmeta table, and it looks like the image IS being saved:

    a:1:{i:0;a:8:{s:15:"slideshow_image";s:61:"";s:23:"slideshow_caption_title";s:11:"FEATURETEST";s:18:"slideshow_bg_color";s:7:"#ffffff";s:17:"slideshow_caption";s:14:"Snippets panel";s:14:"slideshow_link";s:4:"self";s:18:"slideshow_link_url";s:7:"http://";s:19:"slideshow_link_page";s:0:"";s:18:"slideshow_link_cat";s:0:"";}}

    [0] => Array
    [slideshow_image] =>
    [slideshow_caption_title] => FEATURETEST
    [slideshow_bg_color] => #ffffff
    [slideshow_caption] => Snippets panel
    [slideshow_link] => self
    [slideshow_link_url] => http://
    [slideshow_link_page] =>
    [slideshow_link_cat] =>


    It’s just not being shown, or redisplayed in the preview window.


    Interesting. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. Please create an admin account and send Kriesi the login data by using the contact form here:


    You mean an admin account on my blog? Yeah, I guess I could do that.


    Yes please. Kriesi could only reproduce the bug with certain browsers but maybe he finds the bug by debugging on your system.


    No probs.

    I dropped you guys a mail from the contact page. I’ll need an email address to use to sign you up, so I’ll sort it out when you mail me back.




    Great. I’m sure Kriesi will answer soon. I already sent him a mail :)


    Hey chaps,

    No reply yet. Do you want me to mail again?




    Hi Guys,

    I’m having the same problem when trying to add a slider image. Only happening in WP 3.2.1. Previously there was a featured image button in the media library which dropped the image into the slideshow. It seems that in the new WP, the featured image button is no longer available, and clicking insert into post does as described above.

    It could be permissions as I’m pretty new to WP, but I’ve already changed uploads to 777.

    Any help welcome




    Turns out it only happens when you search for new images and Kriesi has just created a fix:

    You need to update your framework/js/avia_media.js file so it holds the following code:

    That should fix the error if you use the search or gallery filter functions before inserting an image :)



    Kriesi uploaded the update yesterday. It should be available for everyone now :)

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