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    All of my main page posts used to keep individual download counts. Now they all take the number of the most recent post. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? The counts are right on category pages just not on the main page.


    Hi Joel,

    It would be better to contact the plugin author regarding this issue:

    Debugging third-party plugins is beyond the support scope we can offer.



    I did some further research and if i switch to any other theme the main page files are linked up properly. This only happens when using Newscast. Podpress isn’t the issue. Please advise. I’m happy to switch the themes to show you what i mean if that helps.



    The best resource for checking into it would still be the plugin author in this case. With no familiarity to the plugin we wouldn’t know where it might be coming from or what possible conflicts to look for.

    If the author has a suggestion or function/code that is in themes and could typically cause that issue we could check from there.

    Best regards,


    There has been no support for said plugin for 3 years. It works with other themes so i guess i have paid for your theme and now can’t use it for my business. That really sucks. It would be ok if any attempt at troubleshooting occurred instead of simply dismissing it as not your problem. It is definitely related to your theme. Whatever i paid for this theme, i think $45, should entitle me to a few minutes of actual troubleshooting. I’m happy to provide ftp details or whatever access you need.



    Unfortunately we’re not familiar with the plugin and it takes more than just a few minutes of actual troubleshooting. We would need to study the plugin code first, then find out how it interacts with the wordpress query and theme templates, find the root cause of the problem, etc.
    We can’t provide support in this case – I’m sorry.

    Best regards,

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