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    i’m running into post issues.

    for example, i created 3 posts under the same category and it’s assigned to a specific blog. when i go to that blog, it only shows the first 2. if i add a 4th post, then it displays the first 3. if i add a 5th, then it displays the first 4…etc.


    are you familiar with this problem? any help would be greatly appreciated.




    maybe a plugin causes this problem. It seems like something is messing with the post query. Try to deactivate all plugins and check if it helps. Kriesi released an update for Brightbox today so maybe it solves your problem. You can download it at


    I have a similar problem with posts being 1 off. I created a template for a blog category. This page properly displays all the blogs from the category I tell it. The problem comes in when I create a template with columns. I select that I want one column to show a blog post from a specific category. If I have 2 blog posts in this category it pulls the first one. If I have 3 it pulls the 2nd one. If I have 4 posts it pull #3.

    I would like my most recent post to show in my column area. For example if I have 4 post I want the 4th (the most recent) to display.

    I tried deactivating all my plugins and I also installed the latest version of BrightBox. It’s still having the problem.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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