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    Hello. I’m wondering if there is a way to set a custom size for the “big slider” I’ve set up on my front page:

    I’ve toggled between “full width” and “adjust to page layout”. In both cases I’m feeling like a little too much scrolling is required to get to other elements on the page.

    Any advice?




    What end result would you like to see regarding your height in pixels? You are 641 height at the moment. Just remember that scaling down while keeping the proportion of your image intact (without cropping) will change the width too (which is currently at 1140). So for example if you want your height to become 50% less (320px), your width will become 50% less as well (570px).

    You can add this to your quick css located in Eunoia > Theme Options > Style .. the text area at bottom of that page

    #top .slideshow.fade_slider {
    height: 320px !important

    Your other option is to prep your images first to make sure they are cropped the way you want to and are of the size you want to show. WordPress is capable of doing that dynamically on its own, thought trusting the program’s artistic eye may not lead to the best of results.




    Thanks for the response! I don’t have an exact proportion in mind, I just wanted to try some options.

    I inserted the code, but I’m not seeing the width adjust accordingly, only the height. I tried with both the “full width” and “adjust to page” settings. Am I missing something?



    Sorry, fault is mine.

    What sizes do you plan on uploading? You see, in file functions.php on line 67 which looks like

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured']  = array('width'=>1140, 'height'=>461 );// images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider

    There are constraints. You can change those numbers *however it will only affect new images you upload*. To change the sizes of current images you will need to install the following plugin: and then in your Admin > Settings > Media, you will see all the image sizes available from the theme (including the ones from functions.php).

    More importantly you will get an option to ‘regenerate images’ based on the new settings. I explain more about what’s involved in this post.

    But your original image size, and how that compares to the constraints plays an important part in all this. If you plan on uploading images in various aspect ratios, you will not get optimal results.

    I suggest you take one image, rename it 5 times. then create a page upload your image, then change the settings in functions.php (or using the plugin above) and create a new page and upload the same image with a new name and see how the size changed. You will quickly get the idea. WordPress 3.5 just came out, and unfortunately for now this is the best recommendation I can offer since they made major changes to the media center.




    This is great, thanks. I’ll look into it.


    Hi rsn8,

    Just keep in mind the width is going to be determined by the container of the image in the theme. So if you need to image to be smaller than what the layout creates width wise, you’ll need to put it on a white background in a photo editor (or a transparent background) for the width to be smaller.

    The height on the other hand can be adjusted via Nicks methods above.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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