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    I was wondering if it’s possible to have a nicely done client page with a bunch of logos. Then on any other page, use the template builder to include logo/partner list and have it randomly grab 5 logos from the client page.

    Can this be done?


    Hey jwferne,

    You could create a portfolio page that only shows the category of “client logos” and then use a portfolio element to only display that category. They wouldn’t be random, but it would show your X most recent ones added.




    Is it possible (haven’t done this, so I have to ask) to add a portfolio element and have it NOT be clickable / linkable to another page. I’ve always seen those as a link to a particular portfolio page.

    All in all, I like the concept if it works without being a click-through. I just don’t want to have to set up individual client pages for each name on there.

    Thanks for the help Devin


    Ok I tried using that portfolio option. Totally kills the look. Only can get 4 across and they are huge. The partner list is so much more elegant looking. If there was only a way to add a client page that those template builder elements could pull from randomly would be soooo nice. Could even have a sliding feature or arrows on the end to scroll past the set 5 it currently has.

    Please ask Kriesi if he’d consider adding that in. I’d definitely appreciate this option. Hopefully anyone else that likes that idea chimes in.

    – John



    You probably could remove the links from the portfolio image/title however this would affect all portfolio pages or portfolio elements.




    Thats a good point. Unfortunately, the style is still so big, lacks the elegance that his partner list brings to the site. Also, when you hover over it, there is an overlay button. It’s just not the solution for me that I’m looking for.

    Unfortunately, the partner list is hard to modify and keep adding to, when new projects / clients come up. It’s really a bit of a clunky method in what is ultimate an awesome theme. Just like to see this part beefed up a bit. I can imagine that many of the users would be very happy to have an updating, rotating or randomized client list that could be fed and plugged into web pages where necessary.

    There are some themes that do what I’m saying, it’s where I got the idea from. I’m trying my best not to switch as i really like the Choices theme and support.



    I’m sure Kriesi is working hard to deliver better themes with great usability. Please hold on for further updates on Avia Themes.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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