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    I think i have found a bug in propulsion, where if i edit a published homepage which is set as homepage under propulsion settings, i click preview, to preview changes but the preview popup page does nt show an updated homepage, i have to update page to make view any changes.

    Can anyone confirm this?


    Hi dccs52,

    That definitely could be true :)

    The difference between updating and previewing can be a little finicky so I can definitely see this happening. I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi and when he makes his next update pass I’m sure he’ll see if this is a fixable.




    Ok that is good to know, however can anyone on here give me a quick fix to this?

    I don’t want to sound like i do not appreciate any response on here at all! its just that im really stuck on this and do really need a fix as this is core wordpress functionality.

    can anyone help with this bug?



    This has been tag for Kriesi’s attention. For the mean time please be patient and click the update button then reload the homepage.




    Hi Ismael

    Thanks for the update, is there any word on this update at all, i’m trying to be patient, but its my client not me who is pressing me all the time for it, as they know that this is a basic WP functionality and they expect it to work, hope you can understand my position, can anyone help at all?



    If you remove the Dynamic template off the home page the Preview Changes will immediately start working.

    WordPress was originally built as a blog, and the ‘past revisions’ functionality, which is closely tied in with Preview Changes, is unable (at this time) to show previews of changes made to a page modified via a dynamic template.

    The simplest thing to do for now, (other than rewriting multiple core files), would be to create an orphan, no-index/ page, with a canonical link to the homepage, and first look at previews on this pseudo-staging page prior to pushing them live. It is unfortunately a bad habit many website operators have grown accustomed to – testing previews on a live website – which have caused more grief than necessary.

    My recommendation is to go with this temporarily or to do what more and more experts are recommending, to set up wordpress within a GIT repository (http://wpengine.com/2012/08/ (hosted on WPengine) (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -our-customers/) which provides version control functionality among other countless benefits for both you and the client. It’s also free.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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