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    Difficult to describe the problem but only appeared after I migrated to a new server.
    The positioning of the Contact me segment is different whether you visit the site and then click the Contact me link in the menu OR you call the segment directly.
    Example on my live page:

    In fact every time you click refresh or F5 the segment goes lower and lower. Does anyone have a solution to get it at least appearing normally. On my old server it was ok. This behavior seems to only happen in Firefox. Not Chromium or Chrome. My OS is Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64-bit

    Thanks :)

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    Hi mcdragon!

    You are using an old version of the theme, so please upgrade to Coalition 2.9 and let us know if you still need help afterwards.

    Best regards,


    On the new website I have setup up automatic updates for the theme and it says that I am using the coalition theme version 2.3. When I click Check manually it says that all my themes are up to date.
    Anyway, I thought the 2.9 versioning was a mistake.

    Update 04-Dec-2015
    Plus I am not sure how to update as 2.3 is not even listed as an actual version in the documentation. This was pulled from version.txt

    2015 June 17th – Version 2.9
    – style.css – new version number
    – folder framework – update to latest version + bugfix for image upload
    – folder js/prettyPhoto – updated prettyPhoto lightbox to latest version

    2015 April 29th – Version 2.8
    – style.css – new version number
    – folder framework – update to latest version + bugfix
    – folder includes/admin – fixed a php notice caused by sidebar registration

    2014 October 2nd – Version 2.1

    – style.css – new version number
    – folder framework – update to latest version + bugfix

    Update 05-Dec-2015
    Also noticed that the style.css still has “Version: 2.3” stated in it!!!

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    try to use this plugin:



    OK. further down the line now. I have the latest version now – 3.0
    This did not resolve the issue.
    Using the Transient cleaner plugin and cleaning everything didn’t help either.

    The problem is also happening on other sections:

    If you then click on the menu link the position corrects itself and is fine. Weird.
    This also appears only on Firefox. However when I use Chromium and Chrome (OK, same engine) I get it positioned correctly but no left side menu.

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    Thank you for the info but when I visited the site I got a database connection error. Please check with your hosting provider. A screenshot of the issue will help as well.

    Best regards,


    That is embarrassing. The website died last night I guess after I did an upgrade but mysql stopped and didn’t restart.
    All OK now so you can test it.
    I also attach two screenshots to help you out. By the way, if you click the appropriate Availability and Contact link in the menu on the left the positioning gets corrected.

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    This is happening only in IE and it works fine in chrome.

    Are there any custom CSS added to remove the header? or some margins or padding to the header? This is one possible reason… The other could me any custom modifications…

    We need access to your site to check this issue please create a temporary user with ‘administrator’ role and share in private content with permission to deactivate all plugins and add custom code if necessary to help you resolve this issue.

    Vinay Kashyap


    Deactivated all the plugins and it still produced the same issue.
    I have made a temp login for you and added it to the private content field



    The issue corrects itself after a few seconds or when the page finished loading. What happens if you remove this custom css code?

    .section {
    padding-bottom: 600px;
    padding-bottom: 100%;



    Not sure wher that css is from but the first line padding-bottom: 600px; was commented out. Did you do that?
    Anyway, commented both lines out and it has not affected the error.
    It also doesn’t auto-correct itself in my browser. Just stays like that indefinitely.
    I have found out the menu is now misbehaving. The focus (highlights) jumps to the menu item above.



    I checked the site again and I can’t reproduce the issue anymore. Please try to remove browser cache or check it on another browser.

    Best regards,

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