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    I am seeing this problem, as a lot of people are having it too, but neiher have the solution.

    I want to show mi portfolio (videos only) like this one from DEMO’s http://kriesi.at/themes/brightbox/portfolio/

    I went to BrightBox Theme Options > portfolio, then select 4 columns, already have 4 videos on my portfolio items. And everythings looks like s….

    Is there someone with an answer here?

    UPDATE 1 = Here is my portfolio sample http://demstudio.com.ar/videos-favoritos/

    UPDATE 2 = If you look at the code with firebug, it adds automatically a FIRST class to every DIV, and an HR after that.

    UPDATE 3 = Resolved it.


    1- Go to Template Builder

    2- Create a new dyamic template

    3- Select portfolio.

    4- Use this options 4,16, yes, yes

    5- Save it.

    6- Go to your portfolio page and select your dynamice template, and use default template in page attributes.



    Thanks for your hint. I’ll report your Update 2 observations to Kriesi. Thanks.


    Hey Guys

    I checked it and it seems everything is working fine, as long as you dont apply the template-portfolio.php file as page template. Just make sure that the page you are using has its template set to “default template”. Then open The Brightbox admin Panel and at “portfolio” create a new portfolio with the desired settings. now you need to select the page that the portfolio should be applied to. If done that way the portfolio page will be displayed fine.

    best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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