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    i’m having issues with the display of portfolio thumbnails, as you can see via the below link-

    is it displaying this way because the image is too small? if this is the case is there any way around this? the client is adamant about using it.

    also with the gallery, i’ve got the thumbanils linking to the lightbox on the ‘Design’ page, however the thumbnail links to a single page on the ‘Construction’ Page-

    i know it’s probably something simple i’ve missed!


    Hi Templatemadness,

    Do you mean the thumbs not aligning? You can use this plugin to set a hard crop on the thumbnail image size and then regenerate the thumbnails. Just use a size that is small enough that the smallest thumb won’t still be too small :

    I don’t know what you mean for the second issue. Can you elaborate a bit more or point to the specific example on the page?




    thanks. i just made the smaller images bigger, the client is content with the loss of quality.

    in regards to the gallery issue, on the design page the thumbnails open up in a lightbox, on the construction page they open on their own page.

    as far as i can tell i created the galleries the same way and i can’t figure out why they won’t open in a lightbox…



    Well they are both very different, as different as they can be. I think that big flash heat map in one page and not in the other may have done something. If you would like you can try to delete them both and create them again simultaneously and see how they come out, because besides having you run different variations of adding these pages until something is noticed , this is the best way of taking care of this issue. I would also delete the wp-admin and wp-include folders and every file at the root of wordpress except wp-config.php, .htaccesss and the wp-content folder. Then using ftp I would upload the files from the latest wordpress one at a time (except the wp-content folder). This way if your wordpress was an update from an earlier version, any possible errors in the update would be corrected.




    i think you’ve missed the issue. i want the gallery thumbnails on the ‘Construction’ page to open in a light box when clicked, like the ‘Design ‘page. the flash images aren’t the issue because the gallery works fine on that page.

    it was a brand new, clean WordPress install as well for the record.


    Hi Templatemadness,

    The Construction page has images that are links which link to a page. The lightbox will only show when an image links to an image.




    i realised that, but couldn’t understand why as the gallery was already set to ‘Media File’ however it was still no working. I set it to ‘Attachment Page’ then updated the page, changed it back to ‘Media File’ and it’s now working. not sure what was happening but it did the trick.

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