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    On my work page, I have 32 samples of work. I want to show only 8 per page, which I know how to do. However, when I go to filter specific projects, for example, clicking on “INTERACTIVE”, it only pulls from the current work page that you’re viewing not the other three.

    Is it possible to filter ALL pieces with that category so they show up on the same page?

    I hope that makes sense!





    This is currently not possible because the filter function does not support/offer ajax requests which could retrieve the portfolio entries from the database.

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    @ Dude

    Maybe you should put little more effort on this case! because it’s almost useless to use/display portfolio items with sorting if you don’t or actually can’t display more then 8 items due to page space or scroll, I bumped into this one and it’s another thing that is limiting the use of the theme, the theme is great, its really powerful and rich in features, but this stuff really killing it’s functionality.

    Also i posted a “workaround”/suggestion in this forum for this case to add or replace the default pagination with Jpages plugin ( , this plugin will solve the problem, and is highly customizable with a lot of examples to choose from.

    Frankly, I was searching the web for a solution for this specific problem and found Jpages plugin, not because i thought the plugin is cool…

    So please understand that this case need to be looked at, and hopefully resolved in one way or another in future updates..





    Great – thank you for the suggestion. You’re right – it’s a limitation and I marked this thread for Kriesi’s attention.

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    I appreciate it if it’s looked into! That would be amazing.



    Ye.. me too, thanks Dude for looking at it and forwarding it to Kriesi….




    Just a short follow-up – I checked Jpages and it won’t work with Angular because it conflicts with the Isotope sorting plugin. To be honest I doubt that Kriesi will include something like JPages or an ajax pagination because of practical reasons. JPages doesn’t improve the performance in any way because modern browsers load all resources regardless if you hide an element or not. An ajax pagination on the other hand doesn’t make much sense because it would slow down the portfolio sorting dramatically (delay of 3+ seconds if the user clicks on the sort filter link) and then many users will complain about the “slow & unreponsive” filter.



    I am completly with Dude here. I am sorry but this functionality wont be added to the theme simply for performance reasons…

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