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    Hello! Sorry for my English.

    I bought the theme to do exactly this: #! prettyPhoto

    But even with the help html or with dummy data I can not find a way to do the same. (I just need three pages: Portfolio, About and Contact.)

    My portfolio page contains 3 or 4 columns with a lightbox that opens in a popup images (no ajax, no little pic gallery, and no opening in a new page) exactly as in the link above. But this page is not in the Dummy Data and in the portfolio options i don’t find any lightbox option… : (

    Thank you a lot !


    No little idea please ? :/

    In this : “Portfolio Details?

    Should the portfolio details be opened on the same page when someone clicks a portfolio item?”

    There is no lightbox option, and when i do a page with a gallery inside, it makes me only little pics… So i don’t understand where i can do a sortable page like the above link (big pictures with direct popup of the lightbox). Thank you and sorry for the disturbance^^.


    Thank you very much Kriesi… It’s been two days since I’m working on, there are things not available like in the preview, and there is no support. 50 $ in the trash…


    Sorry for the late reply. You need to change the featured media image(s) of your portfolio entries. Go to the admin panel > Portfolio Items > Portfolio Items and click on the portfolio entry title to edit an entry. On the portfolio entry editor page you’ll find an option field called “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” (underneath the slideshow options field). You can upload your custom images there and when you click on “Show” you can configure some settings for each image (eg you can apply a link to the image or use the lightbox, you can add a caption, etc.).


    Thank you so much !

    Just two quick questions:

    – Images of the same class don’t scroll in the lightbox? If anything isn’t possible about this, can we possibly remove the arrows (to move left or right) in the lightbox ?

    – Can we remove the link on the title of the image, which send to another page? If not, can we have the original size of the image in this new page?

    Thank you. Have a nice day.


    Hi oropherbp,

    So you have single images as part of your portfolio items featured images and they are still receiving the arrows to navigate to additional images?

    As for the portfolio behavior, on that page, what is happening with the image that is messing up the size? Can you provide a link or screenshot?



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