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    How do I have a portfolio with a different custom post type, say, “shopping”? I’ve copied the portfolio template and portfolio loop php files and made all the changes to get my shopping post type and taxonomies (leaving the div classes and IDs to try and not break jQuery), and it shows up nicely, but the jQuery sorting completely breaks.

    Different question: what hook do I need to add a new page to the Broadscope theme options, for instance below “Sidebar”?




    1) That’s something which is beyond the scope of this support forum. If you post a link to your new custom post type portfolio page I may find an obvious reason why the portfolio sorting doesn’t work but I don’t have time to investigate every detail here.

    2) You can add option pages by editing options.php located in the folder broadscopeincludesadmin_option_pages. There’s no hook but the option pages are created by the framework and arrays (you can combine option fields/arrays, etc. too). However the Broadscope framework has one drawback at the moment: The option arrays are checked once you activate the theme – afterwards all options (and option page content) will be written to the database. This means that you can’t add new option pages to the theme after you activated it. You need to delete the theme’s database entry first – this will force the framework to reinitialize the option arrays and your new option pages will appear.


    1- The site’s not live yet, so I can’t, but I appreciate the offer. I’ll figure out something (I hope!).

    2- I see the problem. I guess I’ll just create a separate custom admin page. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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